Thursday, 4 November 2010

Tutorial: Easy Peasy cape from fleece blanket

This year for halloween my mom wanted to be Little Red, our provincial phone company's mascot of sorts.

Even though we have a giant box of costumes at home, we were lacking a red cape! Can you believe it?

So what are two crafty ladies to do?  Make it of course!  My mom was in charge of making her own skirt and I was in charge of the cape.  She picked up a house coat and fleece blanket from the thrift store to make both.  

Here's my photo tutorial for the cape! If I forgot anything, or if you have question let me know!

**Cut 2, with the finished edge on the "front/face" part of the hood**

This could always be done with something other than fleece, but I found with this blanket you have a nice finished edge and there was no need to finish seams because it's fleece.  

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  1. How cool is that!? Nice job, cute little costume too :-)

  2. Well done. I love being able to take something I already have and find new uses for it. The cape turned out wonderfully.

  3. Great cape. I love how you incorporated the ties. Thanks for sharing!


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