About Me

Hi everyone! I'm so glad that you've stopped by!

My name's Jill and I'm 24 years old.  I graduated in April of 2010 with a degree in Electrical Engineering, and now I'm working full time and putting my knowledge to work!
I started this blog when I was searching for a job because I had a lot of time to spend  creating and crafting and then blogging about it!  I still try to craft when I can, and stay on top of things in the blogging world too!

I like to work with a little bit of everything.  I scrapbook, crochet, decoupadge, cook, bake, sew, and the list goes on!  

I'm also a bit of an environment nut!  I like to try to use recycled things, buy less and use what I have and I LOVE to upcycle things.  There are so many great pieces of upcycled furniture out there in blogland that it makes me never want to buy a new piece again!! (Not to mention how terrible some of the new stuff is - being of particle board and off gassing harmful VOCs...which, if you want to learn more about I suggest reading Adria Vasil's books Ecoholic, and Ecoholic Home) ... I digress.

I started this blog for a couple of reasons.  One being all the great bloggers out there.  I read so many blogs and I'm so inspired and one day I just thought "I could probably do that" Another reason is to track the projects I make.  Especially come Christmas time when projects are gifts I won't likely see again.  Another is because I, like a lot of you, am bad at finishing projects.  Lastly, I hope that my blog inspires others, like so many blogs have done for me.  


Feel free to email me about anything: